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    The Experience and Promise of Brown v. Board of Education: Clayton Community Conversations

    The purpose of this three-night Forum was to educate (share local and legal histories, district experiences, visions and data),
    and then, 
    with this foundation, to come together to address who we are and how we can realize that moving forward.

    So, no – we don’t have the answers. Let’s Listen, Share, Learn, Agree and Disagree. Our strength, and path forward, will come
    through informed conversation and from pushing each other to be responsible and innovative – after all, it is for our kids. 


    Night 1 (January 14): We provided big picture information on Brown v. Board of Education and its impact on the District community.  Speakers shared local and legal history, administration, as well as the current legal parameters impacting school desegregation and racial diversity. View the questions and answers from this session.

    Night 2 (January 24): Parents, alumni, and teachers shared their personal perspectives and experiences in the Clayton School District. They spoke about what our schools and classrooms feel like – academically, socially, and emotionally – and about what they carry forward with them. While no story is the same, it is this that connects us. View the questions and answers from this session.

    Night 3 (February 11): With the historical and legal background (Night 1) humanized by community voices (Night 2), we addressed who we are and where we go from here (Night 3). Following a brief presentation on regional demographics and Clayton Board of Education leadership over time, the remainder and majority of the evening was spent on table conversations about our future. View the questions, answers, and community input from this session.

    Within these conversations and comments are the constant reminders that the purpose of opening school doors for equitable school access and opportunity, as well as diversity, begins and ends with supporting our children - that this work’s value rests on the importance we place on, and the experience and opportunity our schools offer to each individual child today and for our region’s future.  Awareness of our children - their academic growth, social emotional well-being, self-awareness and identity, now and into tomorrow - needs to remain the foundation and guiding force of each and every effort.  

     Each night's summary includes a link to contributions by a CSD alumna.  Please take a look!