• How will the school communicate with me?
    Teachers and parents are partners in helping students learn successfully. Please communicate with your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns. Also, look for information from the school in the school handbook, online newsletters, brochures and the school websites. Always check your child’s backpack for important school information.
    The school newsletter (“Glenridge Principally Speaking,” “Meramec Current,” or “Captain’s Log”) is emailimage ed to parents, and it is available online. It includes news about school activities, lists of required school supplies, events and a letter from the principal. 
    The District's website has updated information about all school events, curriculum connections, the library catalogs and other useful information. If you would like to translate the webpage into another language, look for this Translate option at the bottom of the District's website.
    Each school has a student phone and address book (Buzz Book) to help families connect. It contains class lists, the school calendar, Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) activities and other school information. Parents receive this book when they join the PTO. It will help you to contact any family.
    Download the District's mobile app. The app is an additional way to get information from school, especially reminders about early release days and closings due to weather.