• Clayton High School uses a four-point grading system.  Grades of A, B, C, D, P, and CR are passing grades. A grade of F or NC carries no credit. A student who receives an F in a required subject must repeat and pass that course to fulfill graduation requirements. The P grade is assigned when the teacher feels that a student has put forth a strong effort but the subject is too advanced for the student’s particular stage of development. Physical education grades are computed in grade point averages (GPAs). Credit/No Credit grades are not used in computing GPAs. Students may not add a credit-bearing class after the end of the second week of a semester.

    If a student chooses to retake a course at Clayton High School in which the student has previously earned a failing grade or has earned a “D+” or lower, the new grade is calculated into the student’s GPA. The original grade is removed from the student’s transcript and is not calculated into the student’s GPA.  If a student wishes to retake a course in which the student has earned a “C-”or better, special permission must be granted by the principal to replace the “C-” or better with a new grade.

    If a course is dropped during the first grading period of the semester, no record of the student’s enrollment is made. However, if the course is dropped after the first grading period, the grade is recorded on the permanent record as an F. Exceptions must be approved by the department chair and an administrator.

    Clayton High School will award credit to students for courses completed at an accredited educational institution that has been accredited by the North Central Association of Schools.  Coursework completed through non-accredited institutions or programs may appear on the permanent transcript but will appear as NC - no credit. Student transferring into CHS will have their GPA recalculated based on the CHS grading scale.

    Clayton High School uses a numerical point system for computing the grade point averages used to determine class rank. Numerical values are attached to + and – grades.
    A+  4.3
    A    4.0
    A-   3.7 
    B+  3.3
    B    3.0
    B-   2.7
    C+  2.3
    C    2.0
    C-   1.7
    D+  1.3
    D    1.0
    D-    .7
    P    .3
    F    .0
    CR = Credit
    NC=No Credit 
    EX=Excused, No Credit 
    INC=Incomplete, No Credit 
    No Grade Points
    No Grade Points 
    No Grade Points
    No Grade Points