• Link Crew is a leadership, mentoring and developmental program introduced at Clayton High School in the fall of 2015. Developed by the Boomerang Project, Link Crew connects upperclassmen to mentor and guide incoming freshman.

    Each incoming freshman student is assigned to a group of 10-12 other freshmen and two Link Leaders. The program starts with a freshman only orientation a few days before the first day of school. The upperclassmen Link Leaders lead their assigned freshmen group through ice-breakers and other bonding activities during freshman orientation.

    Link Leaders continue to support their student Crew by meeting with them formally and informally throughout the school year to invite them to school functions, give them advice and guidance and assist them academically. The leaders are a positive role model for the freshman students during the important transition from middle school to high school.

    The intention of the program is to increase the success of freshman students by increasing the positive and personal connections freshmen experience as they enter high school. This freshman success can be measured by school attendance, academic success and discipline. 

    The qualities we look for in a Link Leaders are:
    • Strong communication skills
    • Willingness to lead others
    • Responsible enough to manage a group
    • Accountable to show up throughout all phases of the program during the year
    • Willing to take risks
    • Interest in helping others
    • Positive role model
    • Dedicated
    • Self-confident and self-directed
    • Respect for diverse ideas and personalities
    • Enthusiastic
    Throughout the school year, Link Leaders at Clayton High School:
    • Participate in our May Development Day
    • Participate in our intensive two day Link Leader Training in August
    • Lead small group activities for Freshman Orientation.
    • Wear their Link Leader t-shirts and helped freshmen with directions and questions on the first day of school
    • Have their lockers assigned in the freshman hallway next to their Link Crew
    • Assist with Open House
    • Assist with Ninth-Grade Curriculum Night
    • Educate freshman about Homecoming events
    • Attend monthly meetings
    • Assist teachers and shared study strategies at the Freshman Finals Fiesta (freshman final prep night)
    • Teach lessons entitled “Using Resources,” ”Perspective,” “Goal Setting,” “Achieving Excellence” and “Building Relationships That Last” during Learning Center periods
    • Serve as a leader and mentor to their freshman crew for the entire school year