• School Climate/Discipline

      Our vision of Clayton High School includes the belief that we are a school community that emphasizes academic growth and development and values success for all students. Our stated philosophy for C.H.S. indicates that we want students to have the free exercise of choice and an understanding and appreciation of gender differences and of social, ethnic and cultural diversity. As a staff we recognize individual abilities and learning styles, and we provide opportunities for students to become increasingly self-reliant in a place where they can build character.

      We believe that we have an obligation to the community and to our students to provide a safe and academic environment that is conducive to learning. We believe that young people need structure and guidance. As students learn to behave responsibly, their self-esteem rises and their motivation to achieve increases. As a staff we want the optimal classroom and school-wide environment in which we all can teach and learn. To this end we hold the following expectations for members of our school community.

      All Clayton High School students are expected to:

      1.  Report to class on time and attend all classes regularly.
      2. Accept responsibility for your learning.
        • Complete homework assignments.
        • Bring required materials to class each day.
        • Be attentive in class and listen, speak and discuss when appropriate.
        • Be open to acquiring and using new knowledge.  Connect what you learn in one place to that which you learn in another.                                                                                                                                                                                  
      3. Respect the teacher’s position as leader in the classroom.
        • Follow the teacher’s direction.
        • Adhere to individual classroom guidelines.
        • Be positive about learning.
        • Build a strong relationship with teachers and other students.
      4. Respect the authority of any adult in the building,
        • Comply with the directions and requests of any adult in the building, whether or not the student knows them.
        • Learn to value the dignity and worth of all individuals in the school community.
      5. Be considerate to and respectful of others,
        • Refrain from teasing, interrupting, or criticizing others.
        • Refrain from using vulgar or obscene language.
        • Refrain from acting out anger and frustration through fighting or other inappropriate behaviors.
        • Keep all food and drink in the commons except when authorized by a teacher.
      6. Cooperate with the specific rules of the school,
        • Dress in appropriate attire which does not distract or offend others
        • Wear shoes. This is required by law.
        • Refrain from running in the halls, speaking loudly and banging lockers while classes are in progress.
        • Assume responsibility and accept consequences for your own behavior.
      7. Get involved
        • Join a club or team, try out for a play or a musical group, or form a club or team around your special interest.
        • Ask for help when you need it.  Your teachers, counselor and administrators are here to help you, and don’t forget your coaches, activity sponsors and older students as resources.
      8. Respect the rights of others to learn by not creating excessive noise in the halls, library, commons, quad or other outside areas.
        • iPod’s, MP3’s and personal listening devices are generally inappropriate for classroom use unless approved by the teacher for a specific educational purpose.
        • Obey the laws of society, including prohibitions against assault, theft, vandalism, possession of illegal substances and possession of weapons.
    Last Modified on January 12, 2016

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