• For a complete copy of the Recommendations for Budget Reductions report from the Jan. 30, 2013, Board of Education meeting, which includes a description of the approved reductions and information about the financial impact, program impact and implementation timeline for each reduction, click here.

    The graph below from the fall of 2012 represented the trends in the District’s revenues, expenses and fund balance and a projection of these trends through fiscal year 2017. As illustrated in the graph, the $1.6 million of permanent reductions approved by the Board of Education allows the District to remain above its 18 percent fund balance goal for an additional 1.5 years. However, the graph also illustrates how ensuring the District’s financial health is a two-step process; it cannot be accomplished with budget reductions alone. Moving the line in a meaningful way to ensure the District's financial health will require a permanent increase its revenues as well.
    Click on the image for a larger view of the graph.