• For a complete copy of the Recommendations for Budget Reductions report from the Jan. 30, 2013, Board of Education meeting, which includes a description of the approved reductions and information about the financial impact, program impact and implementation timeline for each reduction, click here.

    Next Steps
    The District's work with LTFP must be ongoing. Following the Board of Education's approval of $1.6 million in permanent reductions for the 2013-2014 budget, the District continued its work to reduce expenditures and increase revenues. Staff began work focused in the following areas:
    • Strategic Planning - Clayton staff and community members provided input during the spring of 2013 to set the District’s long-range goals for the next three-to-five years. The process began in February of that year and concluded in May 2013, with the Board of Education approving the strategic plan in November 2013.
    • Athletics - A review of the District’s “no cut” athletics philosophy and the staff needed to support the overall athletic program took place from February through September 2013. Recommendations were presented to the Board in February 2014 and included the continuation of Clayton High School's “no cut” athletic program but a reduction in the number of coaches leading CHS teams.
    • Family Center - A review of the Family Center’s fee structure and program offerings, including the Open Times program and early childhood KidZone, will be held from February through September 2013, with initial recommendations in May and final recommendations in October 2013.
    • Field Trips – Recommendations from the Field Trip Study were put in place for the 2013-2014 school year.
    • Part-Time Temporary Employment - A committee will meet from February through May 2013 to review all part-time temporary employment positions. Recommendations for pay structure and expenditure reductions, which will take student and organizational impact into consideration, will be implemented for the 2013-2014 school year.
    • Revenues and Expenditures - The District will continue to explore avenues for increasing revenues, such as Payments In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOTS), and reducing expenditures, such as technology licensing and green initiatives. Recommendations that will impact the 2013-2014 budget will be presented to the Board this spring, while recommendations for the 2014-2015 budget will be presented in November.
    • Teaching and Learning - District leadership will review school scheduling, courses, programming and other areas based on the District’s mission, vision and core values, strategic planning goals, instructional core, research and best practices. Initial planning and review of these areas will take place from February through October 2013, with a presentation to the Board slated for November.
    • Technology – A review of technology expenditures, including licensing fees, will begin in February with any revisions implemented before the 2013-2014 budget is approved.