• For a complete copy of the Recommendations for Budget Reductions report from the Jan. 30, 2013, Board of Education meeting, which includes a description of the approved reductions and information about the financial impact, program impact and implementation timeline for each reduction, click here.

    Recommendations for Reductions
    instructional core
    After studying all of the items/programs listed on the Background Information page, receiving input from both the LTFP committee and the District’s Leadership Council, and meeting with each building principal, Superintendent Dr. Sharmon Wilkinson developed a list of more than $1.7 million of recommended budget reductions to present to the Board of Education for consideration. Dr. Wilkinson made these recommendations with the goal of ensuring that the District continues to align its resources with its priorities but also protecting what matters most: the instructional core. An academically challenging curriculum, students’ engagement in their learning and teachers’ knowledge and skills are the three interdependent components of this District. While it was necessary for the District to reduce its expenditures and make permanent changes to staffing and programs, it needed to be done in a way that protects the instructional core, prioritizing organizational and operational impacts in order to minimize the direct impact on District students and their learning.
    The reductions approved by the Board included all of the items on the original list of recommendations except for the Elementary Strings program/position. Following an hour of public comment at the Jan. 23 Board meeting and their own extensive discussion, the Board requested for the budget recommendation related to the Elementary Strings program be placed on hold until options for how the program will be restructured could be developed and reviewed.

    The approved $1.6 million in recommendations for permanent budget reductions, which are detailed on the Approved Reductions List page, included:
    • 4.7 full-time equivalent (FTE) certified staffing positions for a cost-savings of $390,019;
    • 6.2 FTE classified staffing positions for a cost-savings of $430,459;
    • 8 intern positions for a cost-savings of $229,567;
    • programs staffed by part-time temporary employment positions for a cost-savings of $66,578;
    • restructuring the District-paid health benefit package for all FTE employees for a cost-savings of $425,000; and
    • $97,130 in Central Office and Building Operating budgets and other miscellaneous reductions.