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    District computer and Google accounts are provisioned according to the following guidelines for students:
    • Account Parameters
      • Students in grades K-12 are provisioned computer and Google accounts.
      • Students in grades K-2 can only receive email from internal senders. Students in grades 3-12 have access to inbound email from both internal and external senders.
    • Naming Conventions
      • Computer usernames have the form of: first letter of first name + first 17 letters of last name + two digit random number (i.e. jdoe12).
      • Google usernames have the form of computer username @claytonschools.net (i.e. jdoe12@claytonschools.net).
    • Passwords
      • Students are provided a unique default password
      • Students in grades 5-12 can change passwords at any time. Passwords must be a minimum length of 8 characters.
    • Timelines
      • Account creation: Up to 45 days prior to enrollment start date.
      • Account suspension: Up to 45 days following enrollment end date. Graduating senior accounts are disabled 90 days following graduation.