• The School District of Clayton launched CLAYTON360 this past spring as Phase One of a two-year Long-Range Planning Process with the overarching theme of "Honoring history. Involving community. Refining vision." CLAYTON360 has focused on articulating and refining the District’s mission, vision and core values through input from the entire Clayton community.

    During the first five months of 2012, our community participated in a thoughtful conversation about who we are (mission), what we want to be (vision) and what are the fundamental ideals we embrace as we do our work (core values). A team of community members, parents, staff, administrators and students led the process and relied heavily on extensive participation from the entire community to develop draft mission, vision and core values statements.

    The final, revised draft statements reflected input from the community that was collected via the District’s website and from focus groups and input from the Board of Education that was provided at their October 24 meeting. The final statements were approved by the Board of Education on Nov. 7.

    Phase Two of the Long-Range Planning Process, strategic planning, took place during spring 2013. This second phase identified long-range District and Board goals and defined a strategic plan for achieving those goals within the context of our refined mission/vision/core values. The Strategic Planning Steering Committee will present a completed strategic plan to the Board of Education in August 2013.