How is my child doing in orchestra?
    All students received a sticker chart that looks something like this:   
    For each song that your child passes in the book they receive a sticker and a "Bach Buck". The number of stickers represents what song your child has passed. Below is a list of songs in the book that we will perform at our concert.
                             5th Grade (1st Concert) 
                                  1. Trumpet Tune
                                   2. Happy Dance
                                   3. Barcarolle
                                   4. Tomahawk
                                   5. Minuet-Hayden
                                   6. La Chasse
                                   7. Brotherhood 
                         5th Grade (2nd Concert) 
                                   8. Sonata
                                   9. Spanish Carol
                                   10. Simple Hymn
                                   11. Square Dance
                                   12. German Lullaby
                                   13. Fantastic Melody
                                   14. Men of Harlech
    A Bach Buck can be saved for the end of the year when we will have our annual orchestra auction. Students will try to earn prizes based on how many Bach Bucks he or she has. The Bach Bucks look like this:
        To pass a song the performance is composed of the all of the following traits:
    1. Good posture with both the instrument and bow
    2.  Correct rhythm and notes
    3. Playing in tune
    To hear and accurate performance you can watch the videos under the following headings
    (located on the left side of the website):
    Suzuki Songs (4th Grade Book)
    Learn to Play (5th Grade book)
    How is my child doing in comparison to the class?
    To the left of the website you will find the following headings:
    5th Grade Class Averages
    Under these two headings you will find what percentage of students in the class have
    passed each song according to school and grade level. 
    If your child does not pass a particular song by concert time he or she will not be able to
    perform that song during the concert.
    When Can My Child Audition for Vivance, Bridge, ViBravo and Chamber?
    Students can audition for Vivace when they have completed the 5th grade book and also have "passed" one Vivace concert piece. It is highly recommended that they study with a private teacher when in Pre-ViBravo due to the music being so difficult. The group and it's members are held to a high standard of performing. If your child is interested in private lessons please contact Monica Holy or Mariana Wood.
    Students can audition for ViBravo and Chamber once they have "passed" through all of the Vivace material.