Business Partner
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Levels of Involvement

  • We are always looking for NEW business partners to work with! Here are some ways you can get involved:

    Level 1: Meet us and have a conversation with the students! This could be a candid discussion on your personal, professional, or educational background. It could also be on a topic that you think is relevant.

    Level 2: We will come to you! Site visits are an incredible learning opportunity for students. Being able to see a new space can be invaluable.

    Level 3: Do you have a project that you haven't had time to get to? "Hire" a team of student leaders to get to work for you!

    Level 4: Job Shadowing or Internship! A main component of this course is to provide students with an experience like no other. Giving students a chance to work as an intern during high school is just that.

    Level 5: Sponsorship! Examples include but are not limited to our annual pitch competition, hosting a space for students to learn, special learning experiences like a formal ettiquette dinner, etc.