• Wellness Committee Structure
    Mary Jo Gruber, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
    Dr. Robyn Wiens, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
    Amy Rubin, Liaison, Board of Education 
    Dena Bashiti, Nurse, Clayton High School/District Nurse Coordinator
    Julie Connor, P.E. Teacher, Wydown Middle School/District P.E. Curriculum Coordinator
    Stephanie Robbins, Director of Dining Services, Chartwells
    Lori Rice, Fitness Recreation Supervisor, The Center of Clayton
    Robin Fultz, Communications Coordinator
    Barb Daves, Administrative Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer/Benefits Specialist
    Voting Members*
    Clayton High School
    Dr. Dan Gutchewsky, Principal, Clayton High School
    Sarah Gietschier-Hartman, Teacher, Clayton High School
    Marissa Pendegraft, Parent, Clayton High School 
    Sarah Centeno, Student, Clayton High School 
    Sofia Erlin, Student, Clayton High School
    Wydown Middle School
    Aimee Snelling, Teacher, Wydown Middle School
    Christina Blankenship, Parent, Wydown Middle School
    Captain Elementary School
    Dr. Jennifer Martin, Principal, Captain Elementary School
    Mina Nashan, Parent, Captain Elementary School  
    Glenridge Elementary School
    Vacant, Teacher, Glengridge Elementary School
    Kelly Weygandt, Parent, Glenridge Elementary School 
    Meramec Elementary School
    Tina Murtha, Parent, Meramec Elementary School
    Caren Etling, Nurse, Meramec Elementary School
    Family Center 
    Debbie Reilly, Director, Family Center
    Angela Flotken, Parent, Family Center
    *Voting members will serve a three-year term