• Budget and Finance Subcommittee
    Establish budgetary guidelines and tools to structure and direct the District’s long-term financial planning, as well as, develop a multi-year budgeting plan that analyzes and clearly communicates:
    • District priorities (e.g. education, effective targeting of resources, sustainability, etc.)
    • Budgeting tools (e.g. balanced budget, zero-based budgeting, compensation plan options, school finances realities, etc.) and the value of these tools in supporting the District by managing resources in forward-thinking, prudent and educationally innovative ways.

    Subcommittee Members
    Leo Human*
    Brent Bell - Director of Finance

    Board Member
    Brad Bernstein*

    Doug Wehner - Assistant Principal (Wydown Middle School)

    Dave Aiello* (Clayton High School)

    Anna Bertman*
    Bruce Hall
    Robert Maher
    Sameer Samana
    Dan Scholz
    *Denotes member of Long-Term Financial Planning Committee