• Opportunities
    More than 70 School District of Clayton parents, students, staff and community members identified the following District opportunities as part of a SWOT analysis conducted at the February Strategic Planning retreat. Attendees collaborated to identify an overall list of the District’s opportunities included at the bottom of this page. From this list, attendees ranked the opportunities based on their strategic priority for the District (below left) and the opportunities the District can realistically target over the next three-to-five years (below right). These two lists represent the opportunities that earned the highest ranking from retreat participants.
     Priorities among list of opportunities: Opportunities identified to realistically target in next three-to-five years:
    1. Teachers – Growing/PD and Retaining and Recruiting
    2. Financial Management
    3. Enhance/Embrace Higher Order Thinking
    4. Social-Emotional Needs of Kids
    5. Innovation
    6. Higher Expectations for All Students
    7. Community Partnerships
    8. Technology
    9. 21st Century Learning/Global Education
    10. Individualization/Equity of Opportunity
    11. Experiential Learning
    12. Job-Embedded PD/Strong PD
    1. Teachers – Growing/PD and Retaining and Recruiting
    2. Social-Emotional Needs of Kids
    3. Innovation
    4. Community Partnerships
    5. Service Learning
    6. 21st Century Learning/Global Education
    7. Technology
    8. Experiential Learning
    9. Common Core
    All opportunities identified through input from the broader group at the Strategic Planning retreat:
    • Differentiated Learner (Individualized Learning Plan for All Students)
    • Increase Learning Opportunities Outside Classroom
    • Fostering Open Minds for Change
    • Parent Involvement
    • Teacher Evaluation
    • Service Learning
    • View Staff Openings as an Opportunity to Grow District
    • Common Core State Standards
    • Compensation Packages
    • Curricular Convergence
    • Special School District Collaboration
    • Public Speaking/World Language
    • Using Arts to Strengthen Student Leadership
    • Articulate School District of Clayton Philosophy of Learning
    • Measure Student Growth (Testing) /Assessment for Learning
    • Service
    • Facilities (Grow Use Of)
    • Fundraising
    • Growing Population with Tuition Students