The School District of Clayton began a two-year, long-range planning process in January 2012. The process was separated into two distinct phases. Phase one, also know as CLAYTON360, focused on mission, vision and core values. Phase two worked to develop a strategic plan that will guide the District for the next three-to-five years and provide the direction to carry out its new mission and achieve its new vision.

    Phase One - Mission, Vision and Core Values
    CLAYTON360 represented phase one of the long-range planning process. It focused on articulating and refining the District’s mission, vision and core values. During the first five months of CLAYTON360, hundreds of community members participated in a thoughtful conversation about who we are (mission), what we want to be (vision) and the fundamental ideals we embrace as we do our work (core values). A team of community members, parents, staff, administrators and students led the process and relied heavily on participation from the entire community to develop mission, vision and core values statements to guide the work of the District and the Board of Education.

    Initial drafts of the District's mission, vision and core values were presented to the Board in June 2012. The final, revised draft statements reflected input from the community that was collected via the District’s website and from focus groups and input from the Board of Education that was provided at their Oct. 24, 2012, meeting. These final statements, included below, were approved by the Board of Education on Nov. 7, 2012.

    Mission Statement
    We inspire each student to love learning and embrace challenge within a rich and rigorous academic culture.

    Vision Statement
    We develop leaders who shape the world through independence, creativity and critical thinking.

    Core Values
    We model and promote

    •    excellence by challenging our students and ourselves to meet the highest expectations of our community.
    •    trust by building relationships based on integrity, mutual respect and open communication.
    •    inclusiveness by valuing individual differences and the contributions of a diverse student body and staff.
    •    innovation by encouraging ideas and practices that foster adaptability.
    •    accountability by aligning our actions and resources with our stated objectives and taking responsibility for the outcomes.

    The School District of Clayton ... Setting the standard for a world-class education.

    Phase Two - Strategic Planning
    The School District of Clayton began strategic planning, the second phase of its two-year, long-range planning effort, in February 2013. On Feb. 22 and 23, more than 70 students, parents, teachers and community members converged to begin developing the District’s strategic plan. This document provides the purposeful direction for the next three-to-five years for the District to achieve its new mission and vision.

    During the February retreat, attendees conducted SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analyses, which they prioritized and used to define a set of strategic themes for the District. Community members attended one of two Town Hall meetings in April 2013 to offer their feedback on the priorities established by the retreat participants. The strategic themes were further refined by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee based on this community input.

    The 70 retreat participants reconvened in May 2013 to develop objectives and indicators for each strategic theme. These objectives and indicators were incorporated into the final strategic plan and will guide the development of the initiatives and building and department plans, which are the purposeful steps the District will take to achieve its strategic themes.

    Following input from the District's Board of Education and further refinement of the plan, the Board approved the District's new strategic plan on Nov. 6, 2013.