Parenting in the 21st Century

The most protective factor your child has to help them through the hard stuff of life and for preparing them for successful adulthood is the relationship they have with you. Sometimes in the trenches of parenting we get so busy managing all the pieces of life that we need to go back to the basics where life doesn’t always feel so serious:

    Find ways to laugh, be playful and have fun with your kids.

This strengthens the connection with your child.  Your playful actions say to your child:  “I enjoy you!” “You’re important to me and worth spending time with.” It reminds you that you can be the parent you always thought you’d be and gives you and your child the energy and buoyancy to cope a little better with all the demands of modern life. Many families have great rituals like dance parties, funny movie night, hug or love bombs but If you need some inspiration ~ and YouTube has some great ideas for fun & laughter with kids: Search for titles such as......

  • “Books that make kids laugh out loud”
  • “Funny pet videos”
  • “10 ways to be silly with your kid”.  
  • "Babies laughing”
  • “David after dentist”