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Singer Appointed to Fill BOE Vacancy

The Board of Education has appointed Steve Singer to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of David Gulick. Singer, who previously served on the Board of Education from 2002 through 2011, was selected during a special meeting on June 15 and sworn in to office on June 16. He will serve until April 2022, when a special election will be held to fill the final year of Gulick’s original three-year term. Singer has already made it clear that he does not plan to run in the April election.


"I'm happy to be able to accept this short-term appointment to return to serving on the Board of Education," explained Singer. "As a community member who was part of one of the groups who interviewed Dr. Patel, I am looking forward to supporting her in her transition to Clayton and working with the other Board members until the community elects someone in April 2022 to fill the remaining year of this term."


Singer holds a master’s in business administration from Harvard University and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from Stanford University. He is the president of RDR Investments. He served as the president of the Clayton Board of Education for three of his nine years on the board. His previous board experience, which included supporting a superintendent transition, multiple ballot issues and community conversations about the voluntary student transfer program, will benefit the Board.


"It takes a good six months, if not the better part of a year, to really develop an understanding of what it means to serve as a member of the Board of Education," said Board President Amy Rubin. "With his nine years of Board service, including several years as president, Steve doesn't have that learning curve. His experience will be an asset to the Board at a very critical time."


Rubin noted that each of the eight people who applied to fill the vacancy provided the Board with a unique opportunity to grow as a group. Rubin continued, "This was a tough decision. I hope each of the remaining seven applicants will continue to explore ways to serve the District and that we see many or all of them on the ballot in April 2022."


In addition to the regular Board of Education election in April 2022 (the terms of Joe Miller and Stacy Siwak expire in April), a special election will be held to elect someone to fill the remainder of Gulick’s term, which expires in April 2023. The Board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 4.