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WMS Students Score at Science Olympiad

The Wydown Middle School Science Olympiad Team finished fourth at the 2021 Missouri State Science Olympiad competition in April 2021. In partnership with a group of coaches from the Washington University Campus Y program, the team studied harder than they had ever before and formed strong friendships along the way. 


They competed in a total of six national tournaments including: 

  • National November
  • Pearl City
  • National December
  • Westlake
  • Sierra Vista
  • West Ottawa
  • Regionals 
  • State 


They won six first place spots in events at Regionals. At state, they finished fourth out of 37 schools and won ribbons and medals in 14 out of 19 events.


If any student going into ninth grade in the fall of 2021 is interested in being a ninth grade representative, please contact Barry Cook.


Science Olympiad Roster: 


9th Grade: Nicholas Sheppard, Kevin Beyer, Art Chen-Wei 

8th Grade: Hansini Mahajan, Mohini Mahajan, Henry Lee, Casey Chu, Robert Gabel, Joseph Gabel, Logan Huyette, Jynx Falk, Lavanya Mani, Alzhraa Mahmoud, Aoife Mahoney, Alyssa Edwards, Erin Dorris, Memphis Christman, Janelle Swinigan, Sophia He, Donna Do, Saahil Doshi.

7th Grade:  Aria Asghari, Ivy Liao, Jamie Griffin, Katherine Nguyen, Wenxu He, David Lin, Aalaa Mahmoud, Raghav Mani, Yijia Mao, 

6th Grade: Lorenzo Buitrago, Ben Cutler, Ruben Haroutounian, David Kerschensteiner-Soto, Joey Mohr, Mathew Nguyen, Nathan Wang, David Wharton, Kei Handzic-Smith, Samanyu Tumuluru


State Results:


2nd Place: Experimental Design - Hansini Mahajan, Mohini Mahajan, Ivy Liao

3rd Place: 

  • Agribio - Katherine Nguyen - Jamie Griffin
  • Write it Cad it - Katherine Nguyen - Jamie Griffin
  • Density Lab - Mohini Mahajan - Joseph Gabel  
  • Road Scholar - Nicholas Sheppard - Henry Lee  
  • Water Quality - Casey Chu - Henry Lee  

4th Place: 

  • Crime Busters - Jynx Falk - Lavanya Mani  
  • Food Science - Hansini Mahajan - Ivy Liao
  • Fossils - Hansini Mahajan - Saahil Doshi  
  • Heredity - Jynx Falk - Lavanya Mani  
  • Meteorology - Alzhraa Mahmoud - Aria Asghari  
  • Ornithology - Nicholas Sheppard - Casey Chu  

5th Place 

  • Circuit Lab - Mohini Mahajan - Lorenzo Buitrago  
  • Dynamic Planet - Robert Gabel - Alzhraa Mahmoud