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CHS DECA Students Bring Home Big Awards

Back in February, almost 80 DECA students from Clayton competed in the District 8 Career Development Conference. Of those students, 47 received trophies and qualified to compete in the State Career Development Conference, which took place earlier this month. Here are the results:

  • Taayan Khurana: 4th place, Principles of Business Management and Administration
  • Jeremy Cohn: 1st place, Principles of Business Management and Administration
  • Alexander Slen: 1st place, Principles of Finance
  • Camilla Meyers: 3rd place, Principles of Marketing
  • Aashna Doshi: Finalist, Business Services Marketing
  • Grace Homann: 2nd place, Entrepreneurship
  • Tommy Karandjeff: 5th place, Hotel and Lodging Management
  • Koray Akduman: 3rd place, Marketing Communications
  • Jake Schneider: 5th place, Restaurant and Foodservice Management
  • Annie Xiao/Emily Tai: Finalists, Buying and Merchandising Team
  • Max/Alexandra Hagemeister: 2nd place, Hospitality Services Team
  • Regan Wade/Owen Gelzer: 1st place, Travel and Tourism Team
  • Hannah Do/Elaine Yoo: Finalists, Integrated Marketing Campaign Product
  • Angela Xiao/Ruthie Pierson: 2nd place, Integrated Marketing Campaign Service
  • Anna Walsh: 4th place, Integrated Marketing Campaign Service
  • Abby Mann/Sarah Centeno: 4th place, Buying and Merchandising Operations
  • Adam Jaffe: 3rd place, Business Solutions Project
  • Cece Cohen: 2nd place, Innovation Plan
  • Willa Melander/Sarah Taylor: 4th place, Innovation Plan 
The students who placed will represent Clayton and Missouri at the International Career Development Conference starting April 12.