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Cleaning Procedures Video Demonstrates Health & Safety is a Priority

As more and more students in the District are returning to learning in their classrooms, making sure each school building is a safe and healthy place to work and learn continues to be a top priority. Watch the full cleaning procedures video here.


One of the many steps the District is taking to keep its students and teachers safe is how building cleaning is done. Custodians follow strict cleaning and sanitizing procedures throughout each building, in classrooms, restrooms and cafeterias. They pay special attention to any high-touch, high-contact areas, which are cleaned multiple times each day and school playgrounds are cleaned according to the St. Louis County Health Department guidelines.


For most cleaning, a peroxide multi-surface cleaner is used on all hard surfaces. This EPA-registered safe product quickly kills germs and viral pathogens, including COVID-19.


Any classrooms or spaces that have been occupied by a staff member or student who has tested positive for COVID-19 are thoroughly deep-cleaned before being used again. In these instances, an electrostatic sprayer is used. This device uses a specialized solution and an electrode inside the sprayer which causes the cleaning solution to adhere to and coat any surface. District custodial staff also uses these electrostatic sprayers to clean and disinfect all surfaces on our school buses before and after they are used by students.


Transitioning back to in-person learning amid a global pandemic can be a little unsettling for District families and staff. These cleaning procedures, along with strategies to mitigate risk, social distancing while at school and a commitment to keep the Clayton learning community informed, are just some of the many things being done to provide students and teachers with a safe and healthy return to learning.