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Educational March for Justice Draws in Hundreds

On Saturday, June 13 at 10 a.m. the School District of Clayton hosted an Educational March for Justice. This family-friendly event was designed to give even the District's youngest learners the opportunity to participate in change that will shape the world in which they live. You can watch a brief video of the march here.


After hearing from several opening speakers, participants walked approximately one mile through downtown Clayton around the area that used to be home to as many as 1,000 black Clayton residents until it was targeted for redevelopment and expansion of the business district in the late 1950's and early 1960's.


A crowd in the hundreds consisted of students, teachers, administrators and community members - all came out to march and show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.


This march was an opportunity for learners of all ages to engage in conversations and use their voice to help dismantle systemic racism. Those who came out learned about Clayton's history of racism and visited several locations in downtown that played important roles in the city's history. It was a great event to see so many individuals come together to process, connect and heal around recent–and historical–events of racism in our community.


Browse through the many great photos that were taken at this event.