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CHS Senior Parade for Class of 2020 an Event to Remember

The CHS Senior parade held on Thursday, May 28 was surely one of the most memorable events of the year - and what a fantastic turnout! Watch this fun video from part of the parade route.


At 6 p.m. CHS teachers, administrators, staff, friends, relatives and several members of the Clayton community lined the parade route to cheer for the seniors who would have been graduating - but took part in a social distancing parade instead.


Vehicles of all kinds were decorated with balloons, streamers, paint, posters and more. Spirited seniors waved from windows, tailgates and sunroofs for their Class of 2020 moments of fame.


All CHS senior families were welcome and encouraged to participate in this unique and extremely supportive senior event. The school year has ended and we wish to say a final farewell and word of congratulations to the Class of 2020!


Take a look at all these fantastic photos!