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Nurse Heather of GLN Wins Excellence in Nursing Award

Congratulations to Nurse Heather from Glenridge. She has received the Excellence in Nursing Award (in the School Nurse category) by St. Louis Magazine.


Nurse Heather was nominated along with 300 area nursing professionals and made the cut to the 62 finalists across 19 categories. The other top two finalists competing with Nurse Heather for this honor were school nurses from the Francis-Howell and Ladue School Districts.


St. Louis Magazine had this to say about Nurse Heather:


Heather Christman, Clayton School District


Known to students as Nurse Heather, Christman has been a nurse for 16 years and a school nurse at Glenridge Elementary for four. She sees roughly 50 students in kindergarten through fifth grade in a nine-hour workday. Christman takes on a new challenge every day - no two kids’ cases are the same. On top of treating kids, she teaches nursing students at Saint Louis University how to conduct vision and hearing tests.


The job's greatest challenge: "You have to think outside the box, because you’re not in a hospital setting. I had a student last year break his nose on the playground. I immediately just took off my vest, put it on the kid’s little nose, picked him up, and walked him into the office."


The job's rewards: "I now have roughly 350 students that I happily call all of my own children."