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Glasses Provide Sixth-Grader with Gift of Color

When Wydown Middle School Art Teacher Molly Lawless learned that one of her students, sixth-grader Ricky Barnes, was colorblind, she knew what she needed to do. On Monday, Oct. 7, Ricky saw what the rest of us see every day - the true colors of red, yellow, green and brown - thanks to a special pair of glasses Lawless purchased for Ricky using her art budget.


“Pretty much everything just looks brighter,” Ricky said after he tried on the glasses for the first time. “The colors are a lot more vibrant.”


In her previous school district, Lawless had purchased the EnChroma glasses for a few of her students who told her they were colorblind. So when Ricky shared with his class earlier this school year that he also was colorblind, Lawless knew he would benefit from the glasses.


“When the glasses first came out, I thought, ‘I have to get these for my students,’” said Lawless. “They’re really helpful, especially in visual arts.”


The EnChroma glasses allow Ricky to see the same colors as his classmates, which makes a difference for his learning not only in his visual art class, but also in his other classes. He will be able to check out the glasses from Lawless to use as needed throughout the school day.


“I’m really excited about what I’m going to see that’s new, but especially neon colors,” Ricky added. “It will be helpful to have them in art class when I’m blending colors and to know what color is what.”