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STEAM Night Filled with Fun Family Activities

For the second year in a row, Captain Elementary students and their families spent an evening taking part in fun activities focused on science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. During the school’s STEAM Night held on Tuesday, Sept. 24, families could “choose their own adventure,” spending time at all five activity stations or just one or two. From putting their CSI skills to the test in the forensics (science) lab to creating paper circuit art in the art studio, families had many options from which to choose.

Here is a list of the activities from this year’s STEAM Night:


Science (led by Mrs. Hwande)
Try your CSI luck with several different forensics activities including fingerprinting and chromatography and participate in the Who-Done-It living graph.


Technology (led by Mr. Lynn)
Construct simple codes for an Ozobot using markers, watch coding come to life with Dash, explore activities on a Chromebook and/or meet the CHS robot and coders.


Engineering (led by Miss Winkler)
Build 3D structures using wooden planks and a 2D blueprint showing the different angles: front, side, and overhead-view and/or participate in a Mystery Bag design challenge.


Arts (led by Mrs. Marquart)
Create paper circuit art with copper tape, circuit pens, colored lights, drawing, painting, collage, and batteries.


Mathematics (led by Dr. Harger)
Engage in puzzling Greg Tang math games such as Numtanga, Kakooma, Expresso, NumSkill and Digicross.