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Mural Brightens Entryway While Emphasizing Meramec 5

The Meramec Elementary community welcomed local artist Cbabi Bayoc as their artist-in-residence in April. Bayoc spent more than a week transforming the white walls of the school’s entryway into a vibrant mural that incorporates the school’s Meramec 5 core values of cooperation, kindness, respect, responsibility and safety.


In the planning process of the project, Bayoc met with Art Teacher Beth Williams to discuss the key elements to be reflected in the mural. Then Bayoc took the reins, first sketching the mural before adding colorful paint. While the mural evolved throughout the week, the core elements of the Meramec 5, along with messages about bettering yourself, your community and your world, remained a constant focus.


Prior to Bayoc’s residency, Williams taught every class at Meramec about Bayoc and his work. The students also learned about Bayoc when he sat down for an interview with Principal Patrick Fisher during a school-wide assembly.


Once Bayoc began bringing the mural to life, each art class stopped by to watch him in action and to learn from him about the process. The students used their background information about the artist to ask him questions about his work and the mural project.


With the mural now complete, Meramec students, parents and staff are enjoying not only the more inviting entryway to their school, but also a work of art in which they can all see themselves. And the mural’s messages of cooperation, kindness, respect, responsibility and safety are a daily reminder about the importance of living the Meramec 5.