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Robotics Team Installs Tribute to Chuck Berry at Blueberry Hill

The Clayton High School robotics team, the Robohounds, have been working with local artist Rick Wood to develop a mechanized tribute to local music legend Chuck Berry. The project came to fruition on Monday, April 17, when the team, along with Wood and Robohounds Coach Steve Beauchamp, installed a 9-inch-tall cartoon version of Berry doing his trademark “Duck Walk” across the 18-foot-long beam above the stage in the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill on the Delmar Loop.
The project was designed by Wood and built and programmed by CHS robotics students as a tribute to Berry in the live music venue where he played his monthly sold-out shows to a lucky, intimate crowd. Through this installation, the memory of Chuck Berry and his contributions to St. Louis and rock and roll music will live on in the room named for his trademark stage move.