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BOE Declares Support for Gun Safety Legislation

At the School District of Clayton’s Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, April 11, the Board unanimously approved a resolution declaring their support for sensible gun safety legislation and their opposition to efforts to arm educators. Download a PDF of the resolution.

School District of Clayton Board of Education
Resolution No. 2/2018


A resolution of the Board of Education, Clayton, Missouri, to declare support for sensible gun safety legislation and declare opposition to efforts to arm educators in our schools.


Whereas the School District of Clayton Core Values affirm that “We promote...innovation by encouraging ideas and practices that foster adaptability (and) accountability by aligning our actions and resources with our stated objectives and taking responsibility for the outcomes”;


Whereas gun violence, and threats of gun violence, in schools undermine the sense of security that all students should have in their learning environments;


Whereas gun violence presents a clear and present danger to the students, parents, educators, administrators, and support staff of the School District of Clayton;


Whereas since the school shooting in Columbine in 1999, there have been numerous other school mass shootings, including those in Red Lake (MN), Lancaster (PA), Blacksburg (VA), Chardon (OH), Sandy Hook (CT) and Broward County (FL), in addition to many other school shootings across the country that have taken scores of young lives;


Whereas this year alone (January 1, 2018-April 11, 2018), there have already been nine school shootings at K-12 schools resulting in 49 injuries and 22 deaths;


Whereas the American Medical Association adopted a policy calling gun violence a “public health crisis;”


Whereas students have seized the conscience of the nation with their demand for strong action to reduce preventable gun violence and to deliver an unmistakable message that now is the time to pass commonsense gun safety laws; and


Whereas sensible gun safety legislation will strengthen protections for our schools and students by preventing dangerous individuals from attaining firearms; and


Whereas it is the belief of the Board of Education of the School District of Clayton that we must be leaders in innovative and meaningful policy to confront gun violence.


Now therefore, be it resolved, that the Board of Education of the School District of Clayton supports sensible gun safety legislation to protect students and staff, including:

  • implementing enhanced background checks for assault weapons including raising the age to 21 to purchase assault weapons;
  • strengthening universal background checks for the purchase of firearms;
  • banning the purchase of semi-automatic rifles and of any accessories (e.g., Bump Stocks) designed to increase a gun’s rate of fire;
  • banning gun sales to domestic violence offenders;
  • preventing access to firearms for individuals who through mental health evaluation or diagnosis could be considered a danger to themselves or others;
  • increasing funding for programs and school staffing (e.g., social workers, counselors, nurses and psychologists) that support student mental health and social-emotional well-being and learning; and
  • providing funding for thorough gun violence research including the collection of data necessary to track, monitor, understand, and prevent the extent of gun violence in America.


Be it further resolved, that the Board of Education of the School District of Clayton does NOT support any effort to arm educators and staff.


Adopted this 11th day of April 2018.