• Using Results For Continuous Improvement
    The school implements a comprehensive assessment system that generates a range of data about student learning and school effectiveness
    and uses the results to guide continuous improvement.
    Overall Rating:  3.0 
    Standard 5 Narrative

    Although survey data is in high agreement among parents, staff and students that our school uses data to monitor student readiness and success at the next level and 82% of our staff reported our school leaders monitor data related to school continuous improvement goals, we are very excited to embark on a new approach to our school improvement model. In this model, selected groups of students will be identified by a thorough analysis of standardized and local assessments. Once identified, interdisciplinary collaborative groups of teachers who share common identified students will be constructed. During a group's collaborative meetings, they will explore appropriate supports and interventions to enhance student growth and apply these with students in their classrooms. Teachers will evaluate effectiveness and share among their collaborative groups.


    Our broader vision is for a singular school improvement process that is omnipresent and guaranteed. We see Professional Development as being aligned to these goals and a critical foundational piece for its effectiveness. Continuing, we see our new approach to evaluation as a support for school improvement where individual teacher goals target increased student achievement. Our evaluation system will also serve as an appropriate accountability to measure teacher's effectiveness in enhancing student achievement.