• Rules & Procedures

    Library Information Center Rules

    1. Come to the Library Information Center with a productive purpose in mind.
    2. Accomplish your purpose in a way that allows others to be productive.
    3. Be respectful of people and property.
    4. Covered beverages allowed.  No food allowed.
    5.  No sleeping or lying on the floor of the library.
    6.  Headphones are required while listening to music.
    7. Cell phones should be silenced in the library.  
    8.  Cell phones should not be used to videotape or record others in the library. 
    8. All CHS school rules apply.

    Library Information Center Procedures

    1. Students are allowed to check out six books for a period of three weeks. Students should not have more than six books out at a time.  Books may be renewed twice.
    2. Students may be limited to checking out two books on the same subject depending on classroom assignments.
    3. No fines are charged for overdue library books.  If a student has a book a month or less overdue, they may check out one additional book.  Notices are sent to students on a quarterly basis. Students with books that have been overdue for an extended period of time (over 90 days) may be denied privileges to school activities and/or given detention.
    4. Any procedure or rule can be altered at the discretion of library staff upon review of request. 

    Library Information Center Discipline Action Plan

    The following steps will be followed if students are observed breaking library rules and or procedures.

    First Violation- Students will receive a verbal warning. 

    Second Violation- If a student continues to violate rules and/or procedures after their first violation, they will be denied library privileges for the rest of the day. 

    Third Violation- Three school days out of the library and an office referral to the student's principal.  Student's parents will be contacted.*

    Fourth Violation- Student is denied library privileges for the semester unless with a class with principal's approval on this decision.   Parents will be contacted.

    *Out of the Library means the student can only come if accompanied by a classroom teacher. Students may come before or after school for ten minutes (once a day) to pick up materials they may need for academic or recreational reading purposes.
Last Modified on August 16, 2017