• Health and Physical Education

    The graduation requirement in health and physical education is one and a half units. Courses are generally scheduled on alternate days and are designed to enhance student development of proper wellness habits through participation in various physical activities, demonstrations, and laboratory investigations. Courses are structured to allow students of varying abilities to have successful experiences. Assessment of present and future physical needs through the planning and development of lifetime fitness programs is emphasized in some courses. Other courses focus on the development of proper fitness habits through participation in a variety of activities. All courses focus on providing the student with an appreciation of exercise and health as well as providing the student with the body of knowledge necessary to make intelligent decisions concerning health, fitness, and recreational pursuits.

    During the ninth and tenth grade, four quarter credits are to be completed. The courses required during ninth grade are Choosing Wellness and Fitness for Life or Beginning Swimming. Healthy Decisions is required during the tenth grade. The remaining two quarters of required credit, to be completed during the ninth and tenth grade, should be chosen from the Team and Individual Electives.

    Juniors and seniors complete an additional half unit of credit on an elective basis. Students may choose from a variety of courses within the Team and Individual Electives, which meet on a traditional basis during school hours, or from a variety of Independent Study** courses, which meet on a non-traditional basis.

    **Enrollment in Independent Study Courses requires instructor’s recommendation.