12th Grade   

    Full Year: Credit -1

    Prerequisite:  Honors Precalculus

    This advanced placement course will allow for the possibility of earning two semesters of college credit.  While the presentation will be faster paced and more in-depth, than Calculus AB, considerable attention will be given to an intuitive and numerical perspective.  In addition to the topics listed in theCalculus AB description, further development of integration techniques,differential equations, infinite series, polar functions, and vector functions will complete the syllabus.  There will be a significant emphasis on problem solving and applications of the calculus.  Students taking the APtest in May will also be required to take a semester exam. Students will access the curriculum through Foerster’s, Calculus Concepts & Applications. The course includes use of the TI-84, TI-nSpire software, and Geometer's SketchPad. It is strongly recommended that each student purchase a TI-Nspire CX graphing calculator.    

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    Mr. Kleinberg