• Learning Center Expectations and Goals

    High Expectations Bring Success

    The Learning Center staff members have high expectations for their students and are eager to work closely with them to help them achieve success. Students are expected to be in class on time, with the necessary study materials, to keep their assignment book or planner up-to-date, and be cooperative with the teachers and the other students. Learning Center teachers may grant permission for students to leave the Learning Center to go to the library, to conference with their English teacher, or meet with a teacher or their counselor.

    Goals of the Learning Center Staff
    1. Maintain regular contact with each student in the Learning Center.
    2. Know each student’s strengths and weaknesses in their subject areas.
    3. Maintain close contact with classroom teachers to track each student’s progress.
    4. Be aware of what each student is working on in his or her subject area and monitor progress closely.
    5. When necessary, develop programs of study for each student to help him or her master the material.
    6. Help students prioritize their study time by guiding them to work on subject areas in which they are having the most trouble.
    7. Provide an atmosphere that is conducive to serious study.
    8. Maintain accurate records on the progress of each student.
    9. Not allow any student to “slip through the cracks.”
    10. Care for the whole student.

    The Point System for Credit
    In the Learning Center, students are expected to work the entire class period. This includes activities such as reviewing
    material, studying notes, reading ahead, and other strategies to enhance their grades.
    Each day, enrolled students can earn 10 points toward their grade:
    • for being on time;
    • for having all their materials as well as their planner out and completed; 
    • for productivity; and 
    • for showing respectful behavior toward the teachers, students and the study enviornment.
    Students must earn at least an average 8.5 points per day (85%) in order to receive full credit for the class. Additionally, students must have 8%% attendance to earn credit.  

Last Modified on August 23, 2017