• Third Grade comes to music for thirty minutes two times a week between 9:50 and 10:50. In Third Grade, students sing, play instruments, listen, and dance.  We explore xylophones and drums to perform ensemble pieces.  Students will read rhythms, and begin to perform music that has more than one part. 

    What are we learning in Music this year?

    Melody (singing)
    •   Students will perform and recognize steps, leaps and repeats
    •    Students will perform and recognize high and low pitches in melodies

    •   Students will recognize and perform quarter whole note/rest and dotted half note
    •    Students will recognize bar lines, measures and time signature

    •   Students will recognize and perform song form AB and ABA
    •    Students will recognize double barlines

    •   Students will identify and demonstrate ritardando, accelerando, and fermata

    •  Students will perform a round

Last Modified on August 23, 2012