• Parents Can Make a Difference
    What You Can Do to Help

    1. Read carefully through our Meramec Student/Parent Handbook with your child.

    2. Check in with someone in the office prior to visiting or working in the building.

    3. Maintain a positive attitude about your child, the school, members of the school staff, and school activities.

    4. If a problem occurs at school, get the facts first, then work with the school to devise a workable solution to the problem.

    5. Volunteer to help in school activities and programs.

    6. Attend all parent meetings.  Learn "what is going on at school."

    7. Attend school conferences for your child.

    8. Make an effort to tell staff members when they have done something positive for and with your child.

    9. Provide many opportunities for your child to develop responsibility and common sense.

    10. Be reasonable in your expectations for your child and his/her teacher.

    11.  Support your child in completing his/her homework.

    12.  Take time to reflect on the awesome responsibility we share in guiding, teaching, and celebrating our children.