• Meramec Garden Club News:


    In February, we will be kicking off our annual, "Dairy Challenge."

    This week, the club used their "St. Louis District Dairy Council's, Dollars for Dairy," for purchasing cheese.  They held a food grading!  The string cheese came in strong, in the areas of taste, feel, and feel.  Most of the low ratings, were for the visual presentation.  They learned about the importance of Dairy, in a healthy diet and active lifestyle!  During the meeting, they were able to package up bags of cheese, for our Fresh Friday families.  They took this opportunity to include healthy information about dairy products and on "have a plant."

    Last semester, the members planted edible flowers, in our Tower Garden.  It was a great opportunity for people to try edible flowers, as part of the "have a plant" campaign.  This semester, they chose to plant lettuce and various herbs.  They have learned about putting the Tower together, how plants are planted in an aeroponic garden,  and the benefits of using a Tower Garden in relation to space and water needs.  They even used seeds, that were harvested from our garden! We are heavily focusing on sustainability this year!

    This month, Glenridge will be receiving two, Tower Gardens and worm composters.  Our members are eager to help them with them!



    The Garden Gnomes