• Welcome to Music Kindergarten!

    August is an exciting month for our Meramec students.  It is especially exciting for Kindergarten families.  Kindergarten comes to music for thirty minutes three times a week between 1:20-2:20.  Students will learn about their singing voice and feeling the beat of the music this month.  Ask your student to share a song with you!


    What are we learning in Music this year?
    Melody (singing)
    •   Students will perform and recognize high and low pitches
    •   Students will recognize and perform steady beat and no beat
    •   Students will perform question answer songs and rhymes
                    (example: Who Stole the Cookie)
    •    Students will identify and demonstrate singing, whispering, calling speaking voice
    •   Students will identify and perform music that is loud and soft
    •    Students will identify and perform music that is fast and slow tempo


Last Modified on August 1, 2018