• Happy Summer break!

    We started the year with ¿Por qué? (Why?) and we will continue into 2nd semester.  Please continue to make time to discuss; why we communicate, why you believe school is important, why learning  your first language well is beneficial, why learning more than one language is beneficial/relevant...  Children enjoy talking about how they first learned to speak and hearing stories about their family members' language acquistion.  All books and work was sent home and students should review with family and bring back the book and red folder (unless you are a first or second grader that turned it in with the feedback sheet) in August!

    I have a playlists for each grade level of youtube videos we have watched in class and/or I have approved for age-appropriate Spanish language and cutural acquisition.

    Name: Heather Moomey    Email Address: heathermoomey@claytonschools.net   

    Classroom phone #:314-854-6352                   

                                                                       Sra. M en el jardín de MOMA, Nueva York                                        HHM


    I am a native of Missouri; I studied in Europe, the United States and Mexico.  I received a Master of Arts in Teaching from Webster University and continued post graduate work at various institutions in North America and Europe.
    (ABD in Linquistics) 
    I lived in Mexico for many years.  While in Mexico I studied anthropology, culture, linguistics and literature.
    I later taught at two private, multi-lingual, U.S. and International Baccalaureate accredited schools: The American School Foundation, A.C. and Westhill Institute, both located in Mexico City.  
    I am certified K-12 and my elementary experience encompasses classroom teacher (grades two and five), English/French Language Learner instructor and elementary Spanish instructor. I have over twenty years teaching experience and enjoy teaching all levels. However, elementary is my favorite! 

    I have taught in the School District of Clayton for seventeen years and am thrilled that this is my seventh year as part of the Meramec staff, guiding students in their acquisition of the Spanish language!  Please come visit the classroom (Meramec lower level, northwest wing or virtually, as appropriate).  Volunteers are always welcome.  Please contact me with your availability.

    On this website you will find:
    • FAQ's and a curriculum overview for Spanish, grades first through fifth. 
    • Hispanic culture and heritage events in the St. Louis area.
    • Updates and fun facts!
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Last Modified on June 4, 2022