• Welcome to Music, First Grade!

    First Grade comes to music for thirty minutes two times a week between 12:20-1:20. In First Grade, students concentrate on using their singing voice to make music.  We explore some of the classroom instruments (drums, triangles, xylophones, rhythms sticks.) Students will learn new songs using their singing voice and movement.  Ask your student to share a song with you!

    What are we learning in Music this year?

    Melody (singing)
    •    Students will perform and recognize upward and downwardmovement
    •   Students will recognize and perform high and low pitches inmelodies

    •    Students will recognize and perform quarter note/rest, andeighth notes
    •    Students recognize and perform music in sets of two andthree

    •   Students will perform call and response songs

    •    Students will identify and demonstrate fast and slow
    •   Students will perform spoken ostinato
Last Modified on August 23, 2012