As a learning environment, the school library is a place for investigation, study, and enjoyment.  With the guidance of professional staff, students are able to gain confidence; increase their abilities as finders, users, and creators of information; and find challenge and stimulation.

    The Meramec Library-Media Center serves all students in grades kindergarten through five as well as the Meramec faculty and families.  Scheduling for library use is flexible based upon the needs of the students and the classroom teacher.  To facilitate learning and information needs, open access to all resources is maintained.

    Students participate in library skills instruction on basic book terminology, how to care for books, different genres of literature, and beginning research skills.  Grades kindergarten and first grade also participate in "story time" followed by "book time."  Research skills are coordinated with curriculum in the classroom.

    The Meramec Library-Media Program is designed to assist teachers and students in the learning process.  It reflects and supports the philosophy and goals of Meramec School and the School District of Clayton.  All aspects of the curriculum are enriched with a comprehensive collection of timely materials that support varied abilities and interests.  The librarian and teachers work collaboratively to provide a fused curriculum in which students learn at their own pace, are actively engaged in self-directed and independent learning, and develop lifelong study and research skills.