The counseling program is designed to enable students to receive supports determined essential to their educational and/or personal development.  Elementary counseling is a comprehensive, developmental, and preventative-based curriculum that is designed to assist individual students in developing positive self-concepts, effective human relationships, decision-making competencies, understanding of competencies, understanding of current and potential role functions and general life skills to aid them in the transitions from one setting to another in the educational environment and in society as well.

    The curriculum subscribes to the basic principle; students should be encouraged, motivated, and given the opportunity to develop to their full potential within a positive school environment promoting and fostering individual responsibility.  The counseling curriculum strives to empower all students to maximize their educational opportunity.

    All children at Meramec Elementary School ae eligible for counseling services.  Class group meetings are scheduled with the counselor in a regular classroom setting and address a variety of topics pertaining to social/emotional development.  Individual counseling sessions with students are based on the student's needs.  If ongoing counseling is deemed necessary, our school counselor will notify parents.  Small group counseling is made up of flexible groupings that are responsive to students' needs.

    The Meramec counselor welcomes contact from parents to discuss their child.  Conferences with the counselor are scheduled by appointment for your convenience and can be initiated by contacting Meramec School.