Our mission is to identify, support, and advocate for students with gifted learning needs through appropriately challenging learning opportunities that extend, enhance, and deepen their educational and life experiences.  The School District of Clayton Gifted Program is comprised of four levels of service.

    Level IV - Exceptionally Gifted Learners
    Level III-Highly Gifted Learners
    Level II - High Achieving - High Ability Learners
    Level I - All Learners

    The gifted specialist's involvement increases in intensity of service as the intensity of need increases.  The range of services includes providing support and resources to classroom teachers, whole class and small group critical thinking exercises, curriculum compacting, flexible groupings for advanced instruction, direct and collaborative teaching, grade level acceleration, and Individualized Learning Plans.  If you would like additional information, please contact our office for a "Gifted Program - School District of Clayton" Guide.