•  Developmental Show
    Each year the School District of Clayton participates in  

    at the
    Saint Louis Galleria
    Food court gallery
     Center of Clayton

    This is a special exhibit that is designed to give viewers an understanding of how concepts in art are developed from kindergarten through high school. Each year, the art committee agrees upon a special theme or focus that serves as the criteria for selecting representative art pieces from each building in the district. Student quotes about their work are also part of the display. The art pieces along with quotes are displayed together so that viewers can get a sense of the art-learning continuum. The 2012 developmental exhibit featured representative pieces that exemplify studio thinking framed around eight identified habits of mind.

    The following pieces represented Glenridge at the exhibit.  Enjoy!

    two friends“I painted two friends looking at each other. You can just tell they are best friends. I worked my hardest on them. I took my time and that is how it turned out good. I am really happy about it.”
                                                                           Sophia    Kindergarten

    fruit basketWhile painting my still life, I learned a lot about art skills. Watching Mrs. Haydon do it, it looked so easy. However, after I’ve actually done it myself, I think you learn a lot from it. Drawing with the ink and the stick, I saw that you have to use your wrist and arms gently and carefully. Also, painting with watercolors, I learned about value. Mostly inspired by Macy, 'one of my 4th grade friends- I took time on my fruits to make them look as real as I could. I enjoyed painting this because painting gently is my style. Still lifes are the “Chenny Style”.
                                                                            -Chenny     Grade 4
    cold heart
    Cold, Cold Heart
    In our art class, our assignment had been to select a phrase that had to do with hearts.  After a long and hard process, I finally chose to go with the theme, “Cold, Cold Heart.”  My intentions were to make a piece with three hearts with cool colors:  green, blue and purple.  We were using paint, which is one of my favorite art materials.  I finished my painted piece two classes later, extremely proud.  I thought that meant I was done with the piece.  However, that was not the case.  It turned out we were supposed to send the piece through a printer, and that the whole point was to use the print making process.  The piece ended up looking pretty good, except there was one crease through the middle.  I am a bit of a perfectionist, so when I saw the crease I was fairly upset.  The reason for this was I thought the crease was taking away from the theme, “Cold, Cold Heart.”  I ended up losing my painted piece.  The paint was washed off of my piece.  At the time, I felt like I had nothing.  Only one piece with a huge crease through the middle.  My art teacher and I had a talk.  She had explained to me how the objective of the assignment was printmaking and we had only made the painted piece so we could send it through the printer.  After talking awhile about this, I finally came to realize what the whole point of it was.  After time, the crease didn’t matter much to me and the piece still seemed to fit into its theme, “Cold, Cold Heart.”  This piece has let me explore much more as an artist.  I think that even though a couple of things that didn’t go perfectly, I am still very proud of the piece I produced.  

    Kevin   Grade 5


    Stretch and Explore

    I had never painted a still life before. When I was painting a still life I had never used a stick with ink. I was struggling with my artwork. My artwork had a hole in it by making the grapes. It just looked scribbly. Mine looked so different from everybody else. It looked messy like I went too fast. Mrs. Haydon and I talked about an artist and looked at some of his artwork who had a style like mine and inspired me to own my mark and use my mistakes. After that I started to like what I was doing and I added more effects in my own way.

    Lyell   Grade 4


    “I painted a snowman that looks like it’s going to hug the world. I pushed my brush down really hard because I’m used to doing that and it made my arms really big. I saw everybody else has skinny snowman arms, so at first I didn’t like mine, but then I changed my mind. It is ok that I do not paint like everybody else. I paint big.”

    Kristopher   Kindergarten

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