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    March 6th (Friday) and March 7th (Saturday) 2010

    Registration for the 2010 Science Fair is now closed

    The Science Fair is an adventure into learning about science. The Science
    Fair is a two-day celebration for all our students striving to become experts in a subject. Spending the time to learn a lot about something special in science or some other subject, is the way to become an expert. Whether it is growing plants, testing foods, making models, experimenting with magnets, or any of hundreds of other cool ideas ... a science fair project helps you learn more about a topic you are really interested in.

    The Science Fair is when you can show what you have learned and helps get other students energized about science. Classes will tour the Science Fair displays so everyone will get to see and experience your science fair project.

    Lots of information can be found on this web site to help you get started and to guide you in your study. Download the Family Guide to answer questions for you and your parents, the interview sheets are the same that the judges will use to interview you at the Science Fair  and the Calendar will help you plan your study.

    You can email questions to Jim Gender (James_Gender@www.claytonschools.net) if you have questions, or want to find an adult expert to interview in the subject you want to study.

    Science Fair is all about discovery! Have fun on your journey!

Last Modified on March 1, 2010