• Third Grade Artist Characterization
    Louise Nevelson

       Students in third grade learn about the artist Louise Nevelson and her art. They spend part of an art class reading about her and taking notes. They are then invited to play act the part of Louise Nevelson using their notes as prompts for developing her character.They follow this activity with a studio experience in which they create their own relief sculptures inspired by the work of Louise Nevelson. Check out the Art Gallery section of this website and view the recycled wall sculpture to see an example of the work students create in this ART UNIT.

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     Printmaking in Action

    Students in fifth grade completed a self portrait drawing unit in which they worked on developing facial proportion. They then translated these drawings into soft cut printing blocks and began to explore the exciting medium of printmaking. This clip shows a student in the process of making a block print. The three images below are the result of her work.


Last Modified on October 25, 2012