• Welcome to 5B

    My bio. . . . .

    My family and I.

    I am Cara Barnes and am so excited to teach at Glenridge. 

    A little bit about me. . . . .

    I have been teaching since 1991, in grades three, four and five.  I started my career in Seattle, WA, after graduating from University of Washington.  Then I moved overseas to Hong Kong and taught for 16 years at a large international American school.  In 2009, my family and I moved to Portland, OR, where I taught fifth grade for two more years.   I then received my master's of science degree in learning technologies.  We then moved to St. Louis in summer 2011.  It is my first time living in the midwest, though it is my husband's hometown and we've been here many times visiting extended family.   We love it! We have three children, Sophie, Cooper and Ian and our beloved kitty, Pearl and dog, Bailey.  I am so excited to be a part of the special Glenridge community.

    My contact details:

    Cara Barnes
    Glenridge School
    Classroom Number:  314-854-6216
    Instagram:  Barnes5glen


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