Medication and Health Policies

  • A. Medication

    A Clayton School Board regulation prohibits school personnel from giving medications to students while at school. School personnel can accept no responsibility for seeing that it is given.

    If for some medical reason it becomes necessary for a student to take medication at school, a request in writing shall be filled out by the doctor. Over the counter medicine can not be given at school. Prescription medicines must be brought to school in a container properly labeled by the pharmacy or physician. This information must contain child's name, name of medicine, dosage, direction for giving and the doctor's name. Send only the amount needed at school. (Have your pharmacist label two containers, one to send to school.)

    Medications must be checked in with the school nurse. Please do not put the medication in your child's lunch.

    Students must come to the health room or office to take the medication.

    B. Physical Education Permits and Excuses
    Requests from parents that their youngsters be excused from participation in specific physical education activities for medical reasons will be honored for one week. For longer periods, a medical excuse from a physician must be submitted.

    C. Health Record
    It is the recommendation of the Clayton School District that every student attending school receive a complete physical examination at the beginning of kindergarten and grades three (3), six (6) and nine (9). It is also recommended that every student new to the District have a physical examination prior to enrollment.

    According to a Missouri State Mandate, every student must be completely immunized and parents must provide the school with the immunization record by the first day of school attendance. Any student who is not fully immunized or properly exempted will not be allowed to enter school.

    It is strongly recommended that parents provide immunization information at least two weeks before enrollment so that records may be checked for compliance. A form listing needed immunizations is enclosed in the registration package.

    Health Screening Services provided by the Health Department at the district and Special School District include:
    *Hearing/Vision Screening - K, 1, 3, 5, and new students

    D. Illness at School
    If a child becomes ill during school hours, a call will be made to parents. For your child's sake and the health of others, please pick up your child as quickly as possible.

Last Modified on February 21, 2022