Safety at Glenridge

  • Safety is a prime concern for parents and staff. The help and support of all adults is necessary to insure the safety of everyone. Please talk with your children and let them know you expect them to follow safety rules at all times.

    A. Walking to School
    When walking to school, students are expected to stay on the sidewalk, respect the property of neighbors, cross the street at a crosswalk and follow the directions of the crossing guard.

    Crossing guards are stationed at the intersections of Glenridge/Oxford and Wydown/Edgewood. Hours are 8:00-8:45 a.m. and 3:30-4:00 p.m.

    B. Drop Off/Pick Up Policy
    The curb lane along the north side (school side) of Wellington Way is designated "No Parking, 8:00-9:00 a.m. and 3:00-4:00 p.m." During these hours this curb lane is to be used only for dropping off or picking up children. Please do not ask your child(ren) to get in the car in the middle of the street, crossing a lane of parked or leaving cars.

    Oxford Drive, at the back of the building, may also be used for drop off/pick up.

    C. Riding the Bus
    Students are expected to stay seated, use quiet voices and follow directions given by the driver. Misbehaviors may divert the attention of the driver resulting in an accident. Repeated misbehavior may result in the loss of the privilege to ride the bus.

    D. Riding a Bicycle
    Bicycle riders are expected to walk the bicycles on school grounds. Bicycles are to be put in the bicycle rack immediately upon arrival at school. Helmets are recommended. Skateboards and/or roller blades may not be used during school hours or when children are gathering for or leaving school.

    E. Daily Routine
    If the daily routine is changed for a child and he is to walk home or ride with someone else, please send a note to the teacher.

    If your child normally rides the bus and there is a change in his/her routine after school, a written explanation or a phone call from parents is required before the student will be allowed to remain; e.g., if a parent will be picking up, going to a friend's home, staying after school for special activities, any other reason for not riding home on the bus.

    If your child normally attends Glenridge Children's Center after school dismissal, please let his/her classroom teacher know by written note if there will be a change in that routine on a given day.

    F. Playground
    Ball games will be played on the field areas only. During the school day students may use bats, baseballs (softballs) or tennis balls from the gym, distributed by the physical education teacher. Other types of balls larger than a kickball, i.e., basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, etc., from home may be used on the playground.

    Slides are used by sitting, top to bottom, feet first.

    Two or three children may sit on a tire swing with feet inside at any given time. Students may push only from the outer rim of the swing reach, not run under or 'sling' the swing.

    The area under and behind the stage is off limits.

    Gentle, safe pushes are allowed on the glider.

    Tag or chase games are allowed on the field areas only, unless specifically allowed by the supervising teacher who has only one grade level on the playground at the time and the activity is deemed safe at that time.

    Snow may be thrown only when an announcement from the office has indicated permission to do so. Snow throwing will be confined to only one area of the playground. Cones will define lines behind which students may stand and throw snow towards those behind the other line.

    Students will be asked to stay off the equipment if duty teacher feels ice makes it unsafe. A red flag on the equipment indicates it is unsafe and children are to stay off of it.

    Skateboards and rollerblades will not be used on the playground during the day.

    G. Safety Drills
    To assure each student's safety in the event of fire, tornado or other potentially hazardous situations, drills are held periodically throughout each school year to familiarize students and staff with emergency procedures.

    H. Board of Education Policies
    The Board of Education has specific policies prohibiting sexual harassment and the use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs on school property. Consequences for violation of these policies will result in suspension and may provide the foundation for expulsion. For copies of these policies, please check the Policy Manual in the office.

    I. Visitors/Volunteers
    For the safety of our children as well as any visitors/volunteers, we ask you to report to the office upon arrival and departure. This procedure allows us to know where any visitors/volunteers are located in the building should any emergency arise.

Last Modified on February 21, 2022