Student Behavior/Responsibilites/Expectations

  • Cooperation, respect, kindness, responsibility and safety are expected in the daily interactions of Glenridge students.

    A. Cooperation . . . willingness to work and play together in harmony
    *listening to others
    *respecting the rights of others
    *flexibility (willing to try an alternate plan)

    B. Respect . . .to be caring and considerate towards self, others and surroundings
    . . .show consideration by interacting appropriately with adults and peers
    *initiating pleasant greetings
    *responding positively to others
    *being patient and courteous
    *being responsive to requests of adults and peers
    *using kind words to solve problems
    *giving and receiving positive feedback

    C. Kindness . . .treat others as you want to be treated
    *courteous vocabulary (compliments)
    *describing personal feelings
    *being polite - showing good manners
    *empathizing with feelings of others
    *considerate - not excluding, saying polite things
    *accepting of differences and the rights and opinions of others

    D. Responsibility . . .shown by meeting the expectations within the building and the directions of adults in charge
    *following class rules
    *taking care of own belongings
    *completing assigned tasks
    *participating in care of school grounds, building and classroom
    *being trustworthy and reliable
    *being accountable for actions

    E. Safety . . .freedom from danger, injury or damage and prevention thereof
    *knowing and following safety rules
    *using equipment properly
    *having an awareness of problem solving strategies

Last Modified on February 21, 2022